Intuch Norduch GbCh
IrlCh SV-07 EW-09 Dkuch Almanza Your Wish Is My Command

  • Regnr: S63685/2004
  • Born: 01.10.2004
  • Sex: Dog
  • Color: Black
  • Breeder: Kennel Almanza
  • Health: HD A Eyes clear
  • Misc. Field trial 1 BK, 2 AK


December 2004 Tobias entered into our lives and it never was the same again after that.He was everything less than a calm puppy and for me it switched between losing my hair or laughing out loud! Now it is longer between his tricks but he still gives me so many happy moments during the day,week and so on. He is a bit of a clown,always ready for action and with a huge will to please. He has a fantastic way to communicate with other dogs, always friendly and with a healthy self-confidience.

He started at WT and Field Trail during 2007 and he is trained in obedience.
September 2008 he rewarded a 2:nd in the Open Class in the FT wich gave him his Internations Champion title.

In the showrings he was put on hold for the first years since these were Simons years. But Tobias joined us at many tours and he made a grate start in the ring at Stora Stockholm 2005 where he won Junior Class and ended up as 4:th Best Male. Right after turning two years old he got his Ch titles, Swedish,Finnish and Nowegian Champion.

2007 Tobias overtook the trone in Norway as most winning Flat Coat after his father and 2008 he ended up as 2:nd after half sister Hannemors Lady Of The House.

Since we came over  to stay in the UK last year Tobias has been busy as a pick up dog at shootings,something he really loves to do. 2009 has been a good year so far, GBShCh and G1 at the European Winnr Show in Dublin is something we ae very happy about.

Tobias has sired four litters, Kennel Bezonians, Kennel Flatterhaft, Kennel Rudskog and Kennel Almanza.

We look forward to the rest of the story with our very much loved Tobias!