About us

Jonna Vassbotn

My name is Jonna Vassbotn, moved to Norway from Sweden 1997 where we are living in Oslo.

I am married and have a son Petter and a daughter Nora. Dogs have always been a big part of my life,and I hope it will stay that way in the future. I started out as a dog owner with Border Terriers but found myself more and more often studying the Flat Coated Retriever at shows and tests.

My degree is in Economics, started as a Trainee in the Union Banc Of Norway where I have been since then.
Because of my husbands work we ar at the moment living in London,UK where we will be for a couple of years. The dogs are off course following us here and I do get the chance to join the UK doglife for a while. I am active both showing and working my dogs and have been lucky to got invites to some wonderful shootings during the season,these will be memories for life!


  • Adress: The Ridge House, 3 Beverly Lane, London KT27EE
  • Phone: 7590406376(mob), (tlf) 0203 3402192
  • Mail: jonna@farflyg.com


Cathrine Thaulow

I am Norwegian, born and live in Asker, a small community a few miles outside Oslo. I am married to Erik, and we have 2 lovely kids, Markus (b. 1996) and Tina (b.1998). I work as a General Manager for a private members´club for senior executives in Oslo.

Dogs have always been a part of my life, it first started with German Vorsteher, followed by English Setters, Golden Retriever and in 2002 I got my first Flatcoated Retriever. I love this breed, and I have finally found the COMPLETE Dog. My interest for shows, obedience and hunting trail started not so many years ago and in fact after I meet Jonna in 2002. She was instructor on my first course with Guiness and after that we made very good friends, and in 2005 I entered Kennel Simon Says. In 2006 I took my NKK(Norwegian Kennel Club) instructor education and love to teach some of the things I have learned after almost 40 years living with dogs around me.
Today, I have two dogs at home, Covenstead Point Of No Return, “Lea”, and NuCH Bezonian Gemini “Guiness”.
I will continue showing and work with Obedience and Hunting Trail with both of them, those activities suit us perfectly!

  • Adress: Vabråten 153, 1392 Vettre
  • Phone: +47 911 62 994 (mob), +47 66 79 59 89 (tlf)
  • Mail: cathrine@farflyg.com